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Top 5 Best Knife Lanyard – The Must Have Selection for 2023

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When we go hunting or camping, we do not forget to take a pocket knife with us, because we never know when the knife may come in handy. But the problem is the knife is very small, so often it gets lost.

But there is a solution to tackle such a situation, a lanyard can save your day. A lanyard usually is a longer piece of rope, similar to a paracord, that connects to the end of a knife and wraps around the wrist to provide additional security when wielding the knife.

With the Best Knife Lanyard you will never lose the knife. Now your favorite pocket knife will be safe. You might ask how to fund a good lanyard. Well don’t worry, we have got your back by bringing the top five lanyards for knives from the market.

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Foomext Knife Lanyard | Multiple Purposes
Foomext Knife Lanyard | Multiple Purposes

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M-Tac Knife Lanyard | Long Lasting
M-Tac Knife Lanyard | Long Lasting

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CooB Knife Lanyard | Multi Purposes
CooB Knife Lanyard | Multi Purposes

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Kewshaw Knife Lanyard | Simple Bead
Kewshaw Knife Lanyard | Simple Bead

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N/C Knife Lanyard | Unique Design
N/C Knife Lanyard | Unique Design

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Best Knife Lanyard Reviews

The following section discusses some top knife lanyards. All of them have different characteristics, but they are durable, reliable, and affordable.

1. Foomext Knife Lanyard | Multiple Purposes

Most of the time pocket knives are carried by the youngsters, almost every day they carry the knives for various purposes. So it is very normal that they would like something fancy and wild. Foomext specially made a lanyard targeting that particular segment.

I generally carry the knife every day, but till now I have lost 5 knives. Then I finally decided to buy Lanyard. But I was really confused on what I should purchase that is good in quality and at the same time has a sophisticated look.

Then one of my friends suggested the Forest Knife Lanyard. And trust me this is one of the best decisions I have made in investing my money. This lanyard is made of Multi camo paracord, which is the toughest and long lasting cord.

You would be surprised to know that these are completely handcrafted. And the process makes the lanyard strong enough to carry the smallest things. The all-purpose lanyard can be used during traveling, hunting, camping, fishing, and where not.

Most Liked Features

The bead is very stylish and made of bronze metal, and that is what differentiate this model

Probable Drawbacks

The size is bigger than any usual lanyard.

Key Features

  • Includes unique design bronze bead
  • Suitable for multiple occasion
  • Gives a money back guarantee
  • Made of Multi camo paracord

2. M-Tac Knife Lanyard | Long Lasting

Want to add some excitement to your favorite blade? Then you need a unique and exciting Lanyard like M-tac. This Lanyard represents both aesthetics and functionality. And this one is very versatile and lets you carry various items.

The mini-cord loop slides easily through the Lanyard Holes on the knife, unlike the heavy 550 Paracord, which requires battling to get through the holes. This is best suited to knives with 4.75″ to 5″ grips.

Are you looking for a Knife Lanyard that can be carried for multiple purposes? Like hiking, camping, fishing and other activities. Then we guarantee you that it is going to be hard to find another Lanyard like this one.

One of the most enticing aspects of paracord is that it is made up of many ropes bonded together. In an emergency, you may split the outer shell and pluck out the microscopic filaments within to use as fishing lines or to repair patches on your tent or bag.

Most Liking Features

This one the most upgrade version of lanyard from the market with easy and quick pulling system which makes it the ​​best pocket knife lanyard

Probable Drawbacks

This knife lanyard is not suitable for big size knives

Key Features

  • Include extra cords
  • 100% handcrafted and very strong
  • Suitable for all type of outdoorsy activity
  • A long lasting Lanyard

3. CooB Knife Lanyard | Multi Purposes

Despite the great variety of knife straps available, selecting the ideal one among thousands of replicas is difficult. Some straps look nice but have no functional utility. Others have some utility but are so unappealing that you could have used any rope on your blade.

That is why it is important to buy from a trusted brand like CooB. CooB has been in this business for many years, they know exactly what a customer needs. Their Knife Lanyard is totally handmade and made by the experts.

If you do not put your money at risk then this will be the ideal option. Because the Lanyard is reasonable in price and lasts for a long time. The Paracord Bead is Hand-Casted in High-Quality Metal using the vacuum casting method.

The piece was then blackened and polished to a high sheen. So after every polish you will get a new and shiny look. And the Lanyard looks exactly the same as the picture

Most Liked Features

No one can bet the Lanyard in terms of durability and strength. This is able to carry heavy metal knife as well

Probable Drawbacks

This one is more suitable for larger size knives instead of smaller one

Key Features

  • Durable and strong enough to carry heavy knife
  • Paracord Lanyard Features
  • After every polish the bead gives a shiny look
  • Can be attached to camera, watches etc.

4. Kewshaw Knife Lanyard | Simple Bead

There are many people who do not like the skeleton design of the bead, according to research most of the girls look for simple designs. Kershaw, the best Knife Lanyard, is the one that went for a simple bead.

For a long time I was looking for a  Lanyard that had red rope and minimalistic beads. Finally, I got Kewshaw Knife Lanyard, this is one of the strongest and sturdiest Lanyards I must say.

With the premium Kershaw lanyard, you can protect your belongings while working, teaching, or doing errands while proudly and confidently identifying with the iconic and trustworthy brand name.

The broad loop easily accommodates pocket knives and other accessories. Kershaw’s dedication to user safety and readiness is exemplified by the capacity to be unwoven, offering two lengths of rope in an emergency.

Most Liking Features

This lanyard is masterfully weaved from bright solid red paracord and completed with a bespoke Kershaw brand die cut pewter bead.

Probable Drawbacks

The bead is both of its advantage and disadvantage, many people deny to purchase it because of the simple bead

Key Features

  • Has a silver kershaw Lego bead
  • Sturdy and stylish Lanyard
  • Can be used to carry multiple items
  • Serves the main purpose of Securing the belongings

5. N/C Knife Lanyard | Unique Design

The skeleton beads are particularly popular among the kids and youngsters. This knife lanyard by N/C is both robust and light and comes with a stylish design. It is an appropriate product for a gift to your friends.

I have been using N/C Knife Lanyard for almost one and a half years, and I am highly satisfied with it. This is made of high quality copper alloy material and includes a super cool bead. As a boy I love this design.

In most of the cases the Lanyards has a long rope and at the end of it has a bead. But the design of N/C is very design, the Lanyard is shaped like a skeleton. This can be also used as a key ring.

One Lanyard serves multiple purposes, this can be used as a key ring, as a knife holder, flashlight and camera holder and what not.

Most Liking Features

The beads are constructed of high-quality copper alloy, with a high sheen after polishing and a high-end appearance.

Probable Drawbacks

The price is one disadvantage of the product. It is higher than the average price

Key Features

  • The Lanyard has a length of 5 inch
  • Can be used for both long and small knife
  • Perfect item for gift
  • The design is very unique

Things to Consider Before Buying Knife Lanyard

Best Knife Lanyard

When we put the knife in our pocket or in the bag, we cannot find it in time. Because the item is very small and gets lost in the corners. So attaching a Lanyard with the bag, belt or pocket can give you multiple advantages.

The Lanyard is a small item that is very efficient and helps to increase visibility. Without a Lanyard, the knife will fall to the bottom of your pocket and become entangled with your keys, phone, and other valuables. However, with the best pocket knife lanyard you’ll always have ready access to the knife.

But before buying the knife lanyard you have to consider several things, here we would like to discuss them. You may also like some of the Belt Buckle Knife from our list.


It is always better to buy products that are newly launched. There are multiple benefits. First one is that new items are frequently launched to replace outdated ones. This new product has most likely been updated in some manner, and as a result, it may include new features.

Secondly, you won’t find any replica of a new product because it takes time to make a replica model and market it.

Finally, if you want to stand out from the cowed then what can be a better option then purchasing the newly launched products that is not available in every shop. You would appreciate having some of the Bait Knife, so take a moment to check them out.


Sturdiness of a product determines its strength, durability, and reliability. There is a strong link between dependability and durability. Because it is tough and resilient, your knife lanyard product will last you for many months. Now you may ask how to measure the Sturdiness of the lanyard. Well a great way to know that is check for the material. Generally Multi camo paracord are good for the knife lanyard. Because these made the most tough and long lasting cords.

Brand Value

Why would you choose a low-cost brand that falls short of your expectations? There is a greater probability that it will be unreliable. A well-known brand is more concerned with keeping its reputation than with anything else.

Because of their distinct traits, brands like we have mentioned before, stand out from the crowd. As a consequence, we hope you’ll discover something on our list that you enjoy and go with your taste.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

1. Is lightweight knife lanyard good?

Generally, strong knife lanyards are considered reliable and durable. There are many brands that make knife lanyards that are strong and at the same time light in weight. So this depends on the product and the brand you are purchasing.

2. Can I use a knife lanyard as a key ring?

The best EDC knife lanyard serves multiple purposes, these can be used as key ring, flashlight holder, camera holder and what not.

3. Does the length determine the quality of other lanyards?

No, it does not. Which length will be suitable for a user depends on his or her necessity and buying purpose.

4. How long is the lanyard going to last?

It depends on several things like materials, frequency of use. But if you could buy from a renowned brand this would last for a longer period.

5. What are the benefits of using a knife lanyard?

Most of us have faced a situation where we lost our knives. But the knife lanyard gives easy accessibility of the items.

Final Words

Knife lanyards are not commonly used by many people, but this is an essential item to have to save time and money. The best Knife lanyard is very handy and helps to find the belongings specially the knives. You can hang both small and big knives in it. However, this is a popular item for small knives. So for more convenience purchase the knife lanyard today!

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