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Top 5 Best Belt Buckle Knife – Recommendations for 2023

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Whether you are an adventurous fella who always fantasizes about being a secret agent or an overthinker who is always worried about a potential attack on him/her, a belt buckle knife might be on the list of your desired accessories. This tool also comes useful when you need to show an instant stunt during some emergency.

Whatever your needs be, the best belt buckle knife is rarely easily found. Wait, you are not supposed to give that thought a shot. Leave that to us. We have thoroughly researched the market and gathered the five most promising knives which are sure to please you.

So let’s dive into the realm of all the fantastic belt buckle knives and get you rid of the hassle of rummaging the market in search of the best ones.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice

Gerber Belt Buckle Knife | Black
Gerber Belt Buckle Knife | Black

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S-TEC Belt Buckle Knife | Nine Inches
S-TEC Belt Buckle Knife | Nine Inches

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SOG Belt Buckle Knife | Black
SOG Belt Buckle Knife | Black

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Ottoza Belt Buckle Knife | Fixed Blade
Ottoza Belt Buckle Knife | Fixed Blade

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CRKT Tighecoon Belt Buckle Knife | Aluminum Handle
CRKT Tighecoon Belt Buckle Knife | Aluminum Handle

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Best Belt Buckle Knife Reviews

Now that you know what we are here for and we know what you want, let’s stop dillydallying. You must be waiting for when we start the amazing list of the fantastic knives out there. Let’s begin!

1. Gerber Belt Buckle Knife | Black

All in one is a popular punch line nowadays, no? This knife from Gerber is exactly the representation of this expression. It is well endowed with money clip, sharp blade, and a perfect shape which will blow your mind.

How about a better and more protected place for your money in the pocket? This knife has this facility available! You can reliably carry your credit cards, money in the money clip added to this and leave the rest to it, they are never going to get lost or snatched.

A belt buckle knife that doesn’t even fit you belt? Oh that’s awful! We understand. This is why we suggest you this knife which is easily portable in your pocket and very comfortable to deploy. This everyday carry knife is excellent in this regard.

To add with, its slim money clip has a finger slot with serrated thumb rest which enables maximum grip. Also, its rust proof materials and titanium coated steel body won’t let you worry about any damage to the body in near future.

Most Liking Features

Its money clip is often highly praised. It’s very useful and laudable for most of the users.

Probable Drawbacks

There might be difficulty in removing the knife.

Key Features

  • Has a useful money clip
  • Great for everyday use
  • Enables maximum grip

2. S-TEC Belt Buckle Knife | Nine Inches

You might be fantasizing about a really really useful tool with a fashionable look. This best knife for belt buckle from S-TEC is exactly that one. It has some excellent qualities you might crave.

It’s a belt buckle knife. We know that very well. But how about a holster like a real gun? This knife offers you a paddle holster. S-TEC is the very first to come up with this unique style and fascinate the industry with its novelty of design.

You would surely not want your knife to be stored only like a show piece. Some hunting or outdoor works with it sound fun, no?  We got you! This knife has an overall length of nine inches. Its 4.5 inches long and 3.5 mm thick blade will make your hunting or other works smooth and facilitating.

A belt buckle knife is often hidden inside your belt. As a result you might face difficulty while drawing it out quickly in case of emergency. Guess what? We have the solution to this problem as well! This product has a swivel joint on the paddle holster which allows the most convenient draw in any placement. So, the problem is solved!

Last but not the least, this knife is popular for its cheap price. You can get a fantastic product with excellent functions within a very low rate.

Most Liking Features

It is popular for its low price and practical use. Also, it has beautiful and attractive look.

Probable Drawbacks

It might feel heavy and the sheath feels problematic to some.

Key Features

  • Has paddle holster
  • Has convenient length
  • Easy to draw and use

3. SOG Belt Buckle Knife | Black

People always look for the perfect product. This knife from SOG might the perfect one for you in several aspects. Its look, durability, and solidness make you look at it as the desired one.

Firstly, the weight of this knife is only 2.3 oz. which is completely incredible. Due to its lightweight it can be carried away anywhere attached with a belt or a boot. It’s a perfect small blade knife to carry. The most striking feature of the SOG buckle knife is that it can be easily unraveled, in terms of any emergency, from its swivel sheath buckle clip.

Again, this product is made up of Satin-polished 5Cr15Mov stainless steel and it can be used for copious tasks. Full tang blade fabricates the knife is a solid one. The G10 handle used with this product makes the grip and blade control precise.  Another thing, this knife is constructed to last long and a replacement warranty is available if the user finds any disruption with the knife.

Finally, it can be used both to be a covered one and an exterior one. The mystery is in the clip, you can alter the inside to hoard carry and outer side to exterior carry. It is simply adjustable, so one can use it any angle he wants.

To sum up, SOG Belt Buckle Knife is possibly the best knife to carry and unearth in an emergency case. So our suggestion? Go for it!

Most Liking Features

This knife is 360 degree adjustable with belt and boot. Besides, it is too light and small.

Probable Drawback

There is a possibility of sudden falling of the SOG knife out of the sheath.

Key Features

  • Easy to carry
  • Has a replacement warranty
  • Quickly accessible
  • Clip adjustable to any angle.

4. Ottoza Belt Buckle Knife | Fixed Blade

If you are a tourist or a trekking lover, you should choose none other than an Ottoza knife without further delay. Durable and sharp blades turn it into a special knife or center of attraction.

Ottoza knife is a pure one for a passionate trekker. It is a complete outdoor solution. You may use it as a hunting knife, trekking knife or survival knife. While not using this, you can display this handcrafted beautiful knife as a beautiful piece of art. It is well known in the market for its sharp blade and sustainable quality.

Besides, the beautiful handmade leather knife sheath is made using premium, hard cow-hide leather. The right hand draw horizontal trekking knife sheath is aimed for scout carry on the back of the belt. This durable leather sheath is comparatively better for a knife holster belt knife holder.

Finally, the handle of the Ottoza buckle knife is crafted with utmost attention. So, you will feel safe while camping with this beast. If you are looking for a tracking or a hunting gift for your friends, relatives or any other close one, an Ottoza buckle belt knife would be the ideal gift for them.

To sum up, the Ottoza Buckle knife is the best belt buckle knife for tracking, camping and hunting. Also, it ensures safety issues. So, where is anything to worry about?

Most Liking Features

The handle is beautifully crafted and comfortable for the big hands. Besides, the sheath is decent.

Probable Drawback

This one is comparatively bigger than the other buckle belt knife, so it is tough to hide.

Key Features

  • A perfect outdoor solution
  • Has a durable and sharp blade
  • Handcrafted leather sheath
  • Designed wooden handle

5. CRKT Tighecoon Belt Buckle Knife | Aluminum Handle

If you’re searching for one of those knives that are comfortably clipped into a pair of jeans as it is in a pair of dress slacks, the Tighecoon is the best belt buckle knife for you.

A heavy knife might not be what you want. This might ruin the task you want to accomplish with it. You will be delighted to know that the knife from Tighecoon has too little weight. So, it’s pretty easy to carry from place to place and easy to manage.

Again, the edge of the blade is plain. They used AUS 8, 58-59 HRC steel for blade and the thickness of blade is o.13″. The handle of the knife is made up of durable aluminum. Brian Tighe crafted the blade for versatility and it is simple to handle. Reliable blade lockup is attained with a button lock mechanism. You can relieve the blade by depressing the handle side button.

Most importantly, this product can also be used as a gorgeous folding pocket knife which everyone should buy without any hesitation because it actually will make the owner feel appreciated.

Most Liking Features

It is simple to conduct and can be used in versatile ways. You can avail yourself of the facility of its lightweight.

Probable Drawback

The size is comparatively bigger than the other belt buckle knife.

Key Features

  • Aluminum made handle
  • Enables versatile use
  • Easy to unveil
  • Classy folding pocket knife

Things to Consider Before Buying Belt Buckle knife

Best Belt Buckle Knife

Choosing the best belt buckle knife is a troublesome task. In spite of having thousands of items on the market, you certainly choose the ideal one for your needs. We’d like to incorporate some concepts on these topics in order to help you in selecting the best concealed belt buckle knife for you. In addition, you can check the recommendations for the Traditional Pocket Knives.


Surely, the whole motive of buying this weapon is the blade, right? You have to keep a check on the blade whether it is sharp enough for you to bring down an invader or not. If the blade is too dull for you to use in the time of self-defense, there is no point in buying a belt buckle knife. You can find an in-depth suggestion for Bait Knife by simply clicking here.


The construction of the buckle and the way it holds the knife is more  important than the construction of the belt. So, you should at least focus on it so that you can always assure that the knife won’t ever fall down.

High-quality steel

A belt buckle knife is not something that you buy on a daily basis. You need something sustainable in construction and something that you don’t have to buy repeatedly. Therefore, considering the quality of the steel is the most important of all things and you should ponder about it without any doubt.

Quality of the belt and buckle

You shouldn’t compromise on the quality of the belt and the buckle because these are necessary to hide the blade with proper protection. Though the belt is not your main focus that you are buying this weapon for, you should still make sure that it is worthy of your money.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a belt buckle knife?

A belt buckle knife is such an edged weapon that is placed inside or hidden as a part of a belt. It is a proper outdoors solution. In general, belt buckle knives are popular with trackers, self-defense enthusiasts and members of groups that have knife culture. In any situation buckle knife can be easily drawn and fast unveiled when necessary

2. How do you get a belt buckle?

Belt buckle is given for individual achievement in the cowboy world for such things as barrel racing, bull riding, and tie down roping, team roping and more.

3. What are the different types of buckle?

There are various kinds of buckle available in the market. Some of the most common types of buckles include: Cam Buckles, Ratchet Buckles, Roller Buckles, Side Release Buckles, Slide Buckles, and Snap Buckles.

4. What belt buckle is most expensive?

Swiss designer Roland, dedicated to creating mechanically performing pieces for the true gentleman, has come up with the world’s most expensive belt buckle – the full-pavé Caliber R822 “Predator” mechanical piece the knife is masterfully designed and crafted with titanium, gold and diamond. It has too limited edition of three.

5. Where did the belt buckle come from?

The people of ancient Greece and ancient Rome often  used the  belt buckle and it became the object of special care on the part of metal smiths, who crafted many buckles with rich and fabricated  designs.

Final Words

Belt buckle knife is a cherished weapon for many people. But buying the best belt buckle knife is not too easy. In this account we have gathered some necessary information on buckle knives which will help you choose the perfect weapon. So have a look at the information we accumulated for you.
Good luck!

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