Tactical Knife For Plate Carrier

5 Best Tactical Knife For Plate Carrier In 2023

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Traditional pocket knives, from entry-level to high-end models, as well as their upkeep and maintenance, receive a lot of attention here at Knife Informer. We go into great detail on blade steels, including which steels maintain an edge the longest, which steels are most resistant to chipping, how simple it is to resharpen them, and how rust-resistant they are. All of these attributes make a knife desirable, but we’ve sort of overlooked one crucial point: what about the tasks you don’t want to submit your pocket knife to?

Anybody who has ever, say, cut carpet with a pocket knife will be able to tell you right away that it is a mistake. or electrical conduit, drywall, or anti-abrasion tape. Even cardboard, in hell! Even if you’re inclined to carry a pocket knife daily, as I would guess many of our readers are, utility knives serve a specific function.

Dedicated utility knives are unquestionably important tools, but in this article we’ll focus on several pocket-friendly, high-quality, and effective folding utility knives (whether slide-out or fold-out), which you can add to your regular carry without taking up too much space or weighing you down.

These knives provide a lot of advantages for not much money, such as the ability to replace the dull blade with a new one. On Amazon, a 5-pack of Lennox Gold utility blades with a “titanium edge” costs $3, or 60c each blade. Also available are blades with hooked edges for pulling through carpet, rounded tips for safety, serrated edges for cutting through rope and other fibrous materials, and regular straight tips for all-purpose use.

You may not have also considered the fact that if you can remove the blade, you have a tool that is bladeless and can be carried through the airport. When you get at your location, you can then buy a replacement blade for a few bucks and stop worrying about your knife getting lost in checked luggage.

Also, a lot of these choices are so inexpensive that you can buy one to put in your glovebox or bugout bag. Let’s examine some of the Best Tactical Knife For Plate Carrier available right now.

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This is a list of the top 10. But, you may skip this section if all you’re looking for is a nice folding utility knife because it’s likely that this is the one you need. How much functionality Milwaukee can fit into a $25 tool is amazing. First, the fundamentals: The Fastback utilizes standard-sized utility blades that are held in an extended shank and fastened by a quick-release mechanism.

To release the blade, press in an oval-shaped button on the upper side of the shank, and you can easily pull out and switch out the blade without using any tools. For minor electrical work, a wire stripper slot has also been added to the bottom of the shank, near the pivot.

I’ve used a number of folding utility knives, but my favorite deployment is the Milwaukee Fastback. You press the lock button in and flick it out with your wrist; there is no thumb stud, flipper tab, or thumb hole. Shut it? Reverse the flip by pressing the button. Since it’s so entertaining to flip open and closed, it also serves as a fidget spinner for adults who are bored. Make sure you also check our guide for Survival Bows for Long Shot.

Naturally though, it’s not called the 6-in-1 for nothing. An extended bit driver that stretches out parallel to the spine is positioned along the spine and contains a double-sided 14″ hex drive bit with a Phillips #2 and a straight driver. Of course, the handle’s leading edge functions as a bottle opener when it is closed. And lastly, the handle itself has a secret compartment for a backup utility blade.

For righties, Milwaukee comes with a deep carry wire-style pocket clip. Milwaukee also offers a 14″ hex drive bit extension and bit kit with magnetic retention for $16 if you want to give this arrangement some further utility. Although I believe the Fastback to be the industry-leading folding utility knife, there are a number of fascinating alternatives to take into account.


The Milwaukee 6-in-1 folding utility knife may not be the only one you need, despite what I just said. A Gerber Prybrid can also be necessary. Both programs have a ton of capabilities, but they approach it in quite different ways.

With a button in a channel that locks in position when extended, the Prybrid’s basic utility blade features a slide-out locking mechanism. In addition, it accepts typical full-sized utility blades (unlike the Prybrid X, which employs X-Acto-style #11 blades) and includes a quick-release mechanism for changing out the blades.

The handle has a cord-cutting notch on the bottom, and the stainless steel multitool on the other end features a pry bar, bottle opener, small and big flat drivers, and a nail remover all in one. The scales come in green or grey colors and are made of G10 over steel.

As it’s intended to fit inside a watch pocket, it also has a lanyard hole on the back of the handle in place of a pocket clip. It serves two purposes to safeguard your standard knife from getting damaged: a utility blade to cut through tough materials and a practical pry bar to stop you from using the tip of your Sebenza as a taco. There is a lot of capability packed into a little space!


The Exceed Designs TiRant’s specification sheet reads like that of a contemporary high-end folding knife: it has a deep carry pocket clip, an integral framelock with a replaceable lockbar stabilizer/overtravel stop, a flipper tab that deploys on ceramic ball bearings in a brass cage, and a skeletonized titanium handle from 6AL4V.

Except that it has a quick-release utility razor on the pointed end. The TiRant (excellent name!) has a particularly firm no-wiggle hold on any typical full-sized utility blade you pick thanks to dual-notch retention.

You can also add quite a few accessories to your TiRant, like a pry tool backspacer ($12), a carbon fiber show side scale ($15), a tiny clip ($6), and black PVD hardware ($8). Make sure you also check our guide for Self Defense Canes.

This could be the one for you if you want to add a utility blade to your EDC rotation but aren’t ready to give up the contemporary bearing-pivot flipper. It’s a delightfully updated interpretation of the folding utility blade concept, albeit they do become pricy when you add accessories.


The E.A.B. Lite is a minimalist utility knife with only what you need to open boxes and nothing else. It is meant to be small when folded, so there isn’t much to it. It has a beautiful smooth square form when folded thanks to the way the handle and blade holder curve together.

It spreads out to 5.1″ when it is open, and a straightforward liner lock secures it. Gerber uses a screw to secure the blade in the shank rather of a quick-release mechanism. While less practical, this does lessen play or wiggle when in use between the blade and the shank.

The E.A.B. Lite delivers interchangeable blade cutting functionality for less than lunch at Five Guys and can fit easily in your watch pocket at just 2.85″ long and 2.2 ounces when closed. Any heavy-duty or standard-size utility blade may be used with it.

Simple is sometimes the best. The original E.A.B. (“Exchange A Blade,” if you were interested) weighs 2.4 ounces and has the same open/closed measurements (5.1″/2.85″) as the Lite if you don’t like the streamlined design.

Both variants of the E.A.B. also come with a money clip that is unusually broad and may be used as a pocket clip if you’re attempting to thin down your wallet, which is a common challenge for males.


When you look at the SlideLock Ti, it is clear that CountyComm follows its own set of rules. Ti stands for titanium, but it might also mean tiny, and that’s exactly what this little knife is—just it’s 1.85″ long when closed and only 2.7″ long when open, and it weighs just over a quarter of an ounce.

The SlideLock is tiny and light enough to be a keychain knife rather than a pocketknife and utilizes #11 X-Acto type hobby blades instead of the bigger conventional trapezoid utility blades shown on the rest of the list. It’s not a one-handed operation, but it is straightforward. The blade slips out the front and locks through a thumb knob that tightens to retain the blade in position.

Despite its small size and low price, the SlideLock Ti is entirely made of titanium (apart from the hobby blade), and the body is CNC and EDM machined from a single block of titanium. The SlideLock Ti is so light you won’t ever notice it’s there, and it looks good too. It will quickly do any detailed cutting chores you encounter.


Best Tactical Knife For Plate Carrier


What is a plate carrier and why would I need a tactical knife for it?

A plate carrier is a piece of body armor designed to protect the wearer from projectiles and other types of attacks. A tactical knife can be a useful tool to have on hand when wearing a plate carrier for self-defense or other tactical purposes.

What are the key features to look for in a tactical knife for a plate carrier?

The best tactical knives for plate carriers typically have a durable and sharp blade, a secure grip, and a design that allows for easy and quick deployment. Additionally, the knife should be compact and lightweight enough to carry on the plate carrier without weighing the wearer down.

What materials are commonly used to make the best tactical knives for plate carriers?

Tactical knives for plate carriers can be made from a range of materials, including high-quality steel for the blade, durable and lightweight materials for the handle, and strong nylon or other fabrics for the sheath.

Are there any legal restrictions on carrying a tactical knife on a plate carrier?

The laws around carrying a tactical knife vary depending on where you live and the specific circumstances of your use. In general, it is important to check your local laws to make sure that you are legally allowed to carry a knife on a plate carrier.

What are some top-rated tactical knives for plate carriers on the market?

Some of the best tactical knives for plate carriers include the Gerber StrongArm, the Benchmade Infidel, the SOG Seal Pup Elite, the CRKT M21, and the Kershaw Blur. It is important to consider your individual needs and preferences when choosing a tactical knife for your plate carrier.

Final Words

When it comes to choosing the Best Tactical Knife For Plate Carrier, there are several factors to consider, including the blade material, blade length, handle material, and overall build quality.

One of the most important considerations is the blade material, as it will affect the knife’s sharpness, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Some popular blade materials for tactical knives include stainless steel, carbon steel, and Damascus steel.

Another important factor is the blade length, which should be long enough to be effective in self-defense situations while still being compact enough to fit comfortably on your plate carrier.

In terms of handle material, it’s best to choose a material that provides a comfortable and secure grip, even in wet or sweaty conditions. Common materials for knife handles include G-10, carbon fiber, and titanium.

Finally, the overall build quality of the knife is crucial, as a tactical knife must be able to withstand heavy use and abuse. Look for a knife that is well-constructed, with a sturdy blade, a strong locking mechanism, and a durable handle.

Ultimately, the Best Tactical Knife For Plate Carrier will depend on your personal needs and preferences. Take the time to research and compare different models, read reviews from other users, and choose a knife that meets your specific requirements. With the right tactical knife by your side, you can feel confident and prepared for any situation that may arise.


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