Neck Knife For Survival

Best Neck Knife For Survival – [The Smarter Choice for You]

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The neck knife is one of the survivalist community’s trendiest new-ish items.

These knives are made to be worn around the neck like a necklace because they are small and light. They are not, however, without debate.

Some people adore best neck knife for survival, while others believe they are completely stupid.

See if purchasing a neck knife is worthwhile by reading the following independent review!

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MTech USA Fixed Blade Neck Knife
MTech USA Fixed Blade Neck Knife

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Colombia River Neck Knife
Colombia River Neck Knife

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ESEE Izula Neck Knife
ESEE Izula Neck Knife

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Pros of Neck Knives
Best Neck Knife For Survival

Easy Access

The ease of access to neck knives varies based on the type of sheath and how it is worn. Are they choking you? You’ll find your neck knife just where you need it.

Carry Secret Weapons

A sheathed knife on your waistline is obvious to see. Yes, you can carry a sheathed or folder knife within your belt while it’s attached to a leash, but this is really unpleasant.

A neck knife, on the other hand, is incredibly simple to tuck beneath your shirt or jacket.

Little Size

Neck knives not only have a small overall length, but also an extremely thin overall thickness. Since they were the tiniest option, many people I know bought neck knives to wear on their hips.

More durable than a folder

Fixed-blade blades are more durable than folding knives, as I discuss in this piece on how to choose a knife. If you want a powerful yet little knife, a neck knife can be your best choice.

How to Carry Additional Knives Easily

What’s superior to a single knife? Why not two? However, the neck is another possibility. Some people also carry a second blade on their leg.

Or perhaps you wish to attack the hip, leg, and neck, in which case you carry three knives with you at all times.

Is It Okay to Carry a Neck Knife Without Pants?

There are several scenarios where it may be necessary to wear a knife while not wearing pants, despite the fact that it may appear obvious or humorous.

For instance, you probably don’t have a suitable way to wear your knife on your swimming trunks if you are swimming.

The same is true for ladies who frequently don belt-less pants (like yoga pants or stretch pants).

Effective when used with a backpack that has hip straps

Both my bug-out bag and the backpacks I use for my outdoor treks have hip straps. I’ve discovered that the hip straps sometimes obstruct my belt and make it challenging to remove my knife.

Additionally, the hip straps may be irritating if they rub up on the knife. These issues can be solved with a neck knife.

Cons of Neck Knives

Cons of Neck Knives

Deployment May Present Issues

A neck knife is not always simple to get to. Imagine that you are being strangled, but your neck knife is hidden beneath your shirt. Good luck trying to get it out!

Similarly, certain neck knives require two hands to deploy and are difficult to retrieve from the sheath. In an emergency, you do not want this!

Concealed carry may be prohibited.

Yes, depending on where you reside, using a neck knife may be prohibited.

It might present a safety risk.

Anything you wear around your neck poses a choking risk.

Therefore, it is advisable to utilize a breakaway chain if you wear a neck knife for safety reasons. Additionally, because to the breakaway chain, you may, if necessary, rip the entire knife off your neck for quicker access.

If you trip over them, neck knives might potentially be a safety issue. Really, do you want a razor-sharp knife positioned just centimeters from your heart and lungs? If the sheath is of poor quality, a fall could result in a fatal stab wound!


Your neck knife will fall out if the chain or sheath break. You’ll drop your knife if you don’t pay attention. If you see it, you might have to awkwardly search the grocery store floor for it.

It Could Make You Uncomfortable

The most recent neck knife generations are far superior to the earlier ones. The older ones were hefty and after 30 minutes of wearing them, they became uncomfortable. Any neck knife, regardless of weight, could feel unpleasant if you’re not used to wearing a necklace.

  • Using two hands to re-sheathe
  • This quickly becomes irritating!

Neck Knives Float About

If you wear the neck knives outside of your shirt, it will move around a lot (or without a shirt at all). Having to crawl about on your stomach is very annoying.

Additionally, I’ve discovered that the neck knife rarely rests in an advantageous deployment position because it wobbles on the chain. The answer is to wear it under your shirt, but that is no longer an option.

Best Neck Knife For Survival

Let’s look at some of the best knives available now that you are aware of the advantages and disadvantages.

1. MTech USA Fixed Blade Neck Knife

For individuals who want to test a neck knife for the first time, a decent affordable alternative.

Although it is not a particularly high-quality knife, it is highly practical for carrying every day.




2. Colombia River Neck Knife

This mid-range knife has a fixed bowie blade and a Zytel sheath.

It has a remarkable 1.6 oz weight and is typically well-liked by survivalists.




3. ESEE Izula Neck Knife

This Esee knife is American-made and backed by a comforting guarantee.

This one is incredibly lightweight at only 1.9 oz, making it simple to carry. A plastic sheath is furthermore supplied.




Should You Get a Neck Knife?

There is no one right response to this issue, just as there is no one “ideal” knife.

Although I like my fixed-blade hip-carry knives, I also adore my neck knife for use in a variety of settings, such as when swimming or while carrying a bulky rucksack on my hips.

If you do decide to purchase a neck knife, be sure to adhere to the following purchasing recommendations:

  • The sheath MUST be of high quality; else, the neck knife may stab you if you fell! The neck knife should only come out with a strong pull.
  • Aim for no more than 2 oz. The wearability of anything heavier than this will be quite poor.
  • Obtain a breakaway cord or chain: Because ball chains are breakaway, if they get tangled up on something, you won’t be choked to death by your neck knives. You might want to think about a leather or paracord strap with a breakaway clasp if you find ball chains unpleasant.
  • Verify your area’s rules regarding concealed carry: Avoid getting hit with a fine due of your neck knives!

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