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Top 5 Best Bunka Knife – A List from The Expert

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Everybody is aware of the importance of knives in day-to-day kitchen works. So there is no need to talk about the same issue. Rather it’s time to get acquainted with new advanced knives that are the combinations of traditional craftsmanship and modern renovations.

We have gathered some great quality kitchen knives to help you in choosing your best bunka knife. The knives have their own professional quality that can be a good addition to your kitchen. So, let’s get a superb quality kitchen knife.

Keep going through the following sections.

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Dragon Riot Bunka Knife | Carbon Steel
Dragon Riot Bunka Knife | Carbon Steel

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Enso HD Bunka Knife | Stainless Steel
Enso HD Bunka Knife | Stainless Steel

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Spyderco Itamae Bunka Knife | Plan Edge
Spyderco Itamae Bunka Knife | Plan Edge

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Enso SG2 Bunka Knife | 101 Layer Stainless Steel
Enso SG2 Bunka Knife | 101 Layer Stainless Steel

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Kikuichi Bunka Knife | Light-weight
Kikuichi Bunka Knife | Light-weight

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Best Bunka Knife Reviews

Knives are an important accessory in everyday cooking life and also for other activities. In this regard, the knife should be sharp, strong handle and paired up with everyday kitchen hacks. The following five top best knives help you to choose the ideal one with their extraordinary specs.

1. Dragon Riot Bunka Knife | Carbon Steel

When it comes to choosing a knife, there must be extra sharpness, strong build and great durability. In this regard, the Dragon Riot bunka knife can serve the best service. This knife has excellent performance with strong design and classic texture.

This knife is constructed with high quality carbon and manganese steel that gives you the excellent sharpness and hardness. Even such a knife possesses the capability to give the extra sharpness for a long time even with a great finish at the edge.

Besides, this knife bears a classic forged pattern that gives it an elegant as well as stunning look.  Not only elegance, this feature gives the knife immense strength and durability. That’s why the Dragon Riot bunka knife can be a great choice for everyday use.

Moreover, the handle of this knife is incredibly firm and stiff. Even the blade is very integrated without soldering that is very firm and saves the handle from breakage. That’s why this knife can be picked over other best bunka knives for such amazing quality.

Most liking feature

The ergonomic shape of this knife that provides easy movement and balances the blade and handle will be considered the most preferable feature overall.

Probable Drawback

The gunk stuff painted on top of the blade is really very annoying to wash off and so it might be a disregard for the knife also.

Key Features

  • This knife gives extra sharpness and hardness with its strong build and sharp blade
  • Bears a hard forged classic texture that gives the highest durability
  • Having a strong design with high quality carbon and manganese steel
  • The ergonomic pattern balances the handle and the blade

2. Enso HD Bunka Knife | Stainless Steel

Enso has been designing classic Japanese chef’s knives for many decades and offers the best combination of advanced technology with traditional craftsmen in the knives. Enso knives always ensure the top quality performance in cutting works.

The handle of this knife is constructed with three stainless steel rivets, bolster. The handle is well enclosed with an end cap that assures immense strength and durability as well as balances the knife very well. However, the black canvas gives the handle a shining and strong grip.

Besides, this knife is constructed with original Enso HD blades of 37-layer Damascus stainless steel including a hammered or sashimi finish. This gives the blade a shiny finish. Plus, to ensure incredible edge retention it also adds VG-10 steel cutting core at the blade.

Apart from these, the main attraction that can catch all attention of this knife is its finest edge formation that other knives hardly have in them. The blades of this knife has a dual level edge (50/50) for both left and right handed users that proves it fully ambidextrous.

Most liking feature

The Enso knife is heat proof and it has been tested to a 61 on the Rockwell scale. It can be used at any cutting angle approximately up to 12 degrees.

Probable Drawback

This knife is one of the sharpest and greatest among all other knives. And so it requires proper preservation and cautiousness which might be a little hectic work.

Key Features

  • The knife gives a professional impression with its immense sharpness
  • Every blades have hammered finish with an excellent edge retention
  • The enclosed handle provides highest durability and strength
  • The knife can be used in any angle up to 12 degree angle that helps a chef in getting an exact cutting shape.

3. Spyderco Itamae Bunka Knife | Plan Edge

If you are a highly skilled sushi chef or a pure sushi lover, then Spyderco Itamae knife series are the exact choice for you. Itamae is a prestigious tag for sushi chefs and for them; Spyderco has brought their signature Itamae knife series.

This knife is well-constructed with exclusive and high quality materials including unruly craftsmanship. This is an all-purpose knife that can be used in cutting veggies or meat, fishes etc. In fact, it would be a great choice for making traditional Japanese cuisine.

This Murray Carter knife ensures high cutting performance through its exceptionally thin blade. The blades are made of superior laminated hard stainless steel that gives excellent sharpness and cutting experience. For larger tasks, you can alternatively use Spyderco Funayuki Itamae series knife.

Moreover, the blades of this knife have added their signature ‘Carter Elbow’ and a taper from the spine to the point. It helps to reinforce the blade’s tip. This unique feature will be found only in the Spyderco Itamae series knives.

Most liking feature

The original Itamae series knives are very versatile because of their octagonal shaped handles. This would preferably be the most liking characteristic of the knife.

Probable drawback

This Spyderco Itamae series knife is one of the top notch bunka knives for its superb specs. But it shows greater performance at lower or medium tasks only.

Key Features

  • Constructed with high quality stainless steel blade giving excellent sharpness
  • Includes an elbow carter to reinforce the blade’s tip
  • Having octagonal (wa-style) shaped handles that are very versatile
  • Especially perfect for professional kitchen works

4. Enso SG2 Bunka Knife | 101 Layer Stainless Steel

There is nobody who isn’t in love with Japanese traditional knives. And in this regard, Enso has been providing classic Japanese artisan knives for many decades. Similarly, Enso SG2 bunka knife is constructed with Japanese SG2 micro carbide powder stainless steel.

The Enso SG2 stainless steel knife always guarantees the highest cutting work. This carbon steel knife is corrosion resistant and ensures unprecedented hardness as well as strength. Plus, the blades are also built with heat proof micro carbide stainless steel

Besides, the Enso SG2 has Japanese traditional kanji blades that ensure an exceptionally sharp cutting edge with a 12 degree cutting angle. Even this knife is ambidextrous. Thus it can be the best bunka knife for both left and right handed users. You can also see this top Enso reviews article.

Most importantly, the handles of this knife snatch all the attention as they are seamlessly full tang construction made handles that offer amazing stability and balance. That’s why Enso knives are preferable to other knives.

Most liking feature

The enclosed end cap of the handle that greatly helps to balance the knife is the most distinguishable feature of this knife.

Probable drawback

Enso knives are the sharpest knives with exceptional thin blades. And so it requires extra safety for preservation as it doesn’t come with a sheath.

Key Features

  • The knife has original Japanese micro carbide powder stainless steel with excellent sharpness
  • Includes the strongest handcrafted handles that balance the knife
  • Ensures exceptional stability and durability
  • Perfect for both left and right handed users

5. Kikuichi Bunka Knife | Light-weight

Who doesn’t know the Japanese Santoku knife for their superb professional cutting service? Similarly, Kikuichi brand has launched their signature bunka knife that is almost similar to gold Santoku knife. Kikuichi never compromises with the sharpness of knives.

This knife has proper measurements of 6.5” or 170 mm length. It is a multi-functional knife that can be utilized for boneless fish, meat, poultry, leaves, vegetables and what not. In fact, this knife can be a good kitchen tool for everyday use.

Besides these, the handle of this knife is made of hardwood that balances the knife very well and gives more stability. Even so please that holding the knife won’t feel any difficulties as it makes the knife so light-weight and compact.

Furthermore, the main attraction of this bunka knife is its versatile blade.  The blade of this knife is very light-weight and sharp.  It can be a perfect kitchen tool for everyday kitchen hacks. This blade makes this knife distinguished from others. You can find an in-depth suggestion for Traditional Pocket Knives by simply clicking here.

Most liking feature

The blade has a fine and sharp tip at the edge point that helps performing delicate work and gives the extreme cutting experience.

Probable Drawback

This knife is overall a perfect kitchen knife for professional use. But it provides great service in slicing rather than chopping.

Key Features

  • The knife is made of hard and firm stainless steel
  • The handle of the knife is very strong and balances the knife very well
  • The blades are very sharp, versatile and light-weight
  • Includes a fine and sharp end tip that helps doing delicate functions

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Best Bunka Knife

1. Does the knife have a sheath or sleeve?

No, it doesn’t.

The knife has no sheath or sleeve. Rather it comes with a box to store it in the box. And thus it ensures accurate preservation of the knife.

2. How can I clean the knives?

The blades of the knives are made with exceptionally thin and superb stainless steel blades. It requires no more than wiping by clothes after use. Then it will again look like a newer one.

3. Are these worth buying?

Yes, of course.

The knives are very sleek and thin in texture and useful in performance. Their immense stability and agility make them a winner for everyday kitchen hacks. So they can be a good addition to your kitchen.

4. How can I get the best bunka knives?

To get the premium quality bunka knives, firstly carefully check their manufacture and structure. Then pay attention to the blade and handle. If they ensure the irrepressible durability and sharp cutting performance, then you’ll get the desired bunka knives.

Final Words

Knives are everyday useful kitchen tools. And so, there can be made any compromises with the structure and maintenance with the quality of knives. If you pick any of the above knives, we assure you’ll get the best bunka knives for their amazing specs.

Have a great experience in the kitchen!

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